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9/1/2010 10:10am
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I continue to have success with shrinkage after completing 8 week trial of ALT-801.

My latest scans show 2 lymph nodes in the neck and the thyroid still have melanoma but they are significantly smaller and other 2 lymph nodes are gone! :)

They also show advanced necrosis of the tumor in the remaining lymph nodes. As my dr. said this is GOOD NEWS!!!

He has rewritten the protocol and has asked and received permission from NCI to redose me.  Now just waiting on the drug company!

As much as I don't want to go thru 8 more weeks I have to look at the big picture. This wasn't as toxic as IL-2 can be, I had a relatively easy time compared to what that coud be.

8 more weeks of feeling like crap for possibly more years? Totally worth it! Just have to gear up for the rash and headaches and vomiting to come! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kellie, Stage IV, stable disease after one round of ALT-801, gearing up for my 2nd

Cancer Sucks. I'm so not done kicking cancers ass! I have a lot of life left to live

JenM - (9/1/2010 - 11:18am)

Hi Kellie,

So happy to hear about your stable disease!  good luck with the rest of  can do it!



jag - (9/1/2010 - 12:06pm)


that sounds great, very happy for you. 

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Rebecca and Bob - (9/1/2010 - 2:58pm)



That's great news. I know you said it was only eight weeks long but how long have you been stable and has it been continuing to shrink each time. Great news and thanks for sharing. It helps everyone.




KellieSue - (9/1/2010 - 3:05pm)

        The trial was 8 weeks long. I started treatment on a Monday and received Cisplation and then Wed and Friday received ALT, had week off, 3 rd week was ALT M, W, F had a week off then week 4 started all over again.

My scans in Feb 2010 showed a small spot in thyroid that my dr thought was nothing.  My follow up scans in April of this year showed 2 spots in lymph nodes in right side of neck and 2 in left lymph nodes and they thyroid was signifcantly larger.

I started the trial May 17 and ended July 2nd. I had scans on July 9th that showed the lymph nodes on the right had no cancer and the left ones and the thyroid had shrunk. Follow up scans 4 weeks later showed stable disease. Scans just 2 weeks ago showed stable disease and necrosis of the tumor in the thyroid and lymph nodes in the left side.


Kellie, Stage IV

Cancer Sucks. I'm so not done kicking cancers ass!
I have a lot of life left to live

King - (9/1/2010 - 10:18pm)



I'm so happy to read your post and see your pic. :)  Hmm...I had you pictured as a blonde.  Keep us posted.  The big picture, the big picture....


Stay Strong


Stage IV 7/05 Liver mets