May interleuken 2 be our miracle!

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8/31/2010 8:46pm
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So today my mom and I were waiting to see her oncologist to tell if she was approved for the Interleuken 2 therapy. There was quite a few people in the waiting room, but one couple overheard us talking about going to Buffalo. Bob and Karen were their names. We found out that Bob was diagnosed with melanoma 2.5 years ago and last September it had spread to his lungs. He has since gone through 2 cycles of interleuken and we were informed by our oncologist (with their permission) that he is NED!!!!

We are now waiting for the call to go to Roswell Park and are praying for the same results. It was really helpful for my mom to meet someone who has the same disease and who has gone through the same therapy that she will be having. She has a very positive outlook and so do I. For the first time, we got good tumors in her brain, no trace of tumors anywhere except her lungs, passed the stress test and pulmonary function tests, so off to Roswell Park we go!

I told Karen and Bob about this website, so if they are on here....congratulations and thank you for sharing your story with us.



It is always so helpful to hear others success stories!  There is one man that many of us met at our get together in Chapel Hill that had IL2 14 years ago and is still NED!!  Rick doesn't post much anymore, he is off living life.

Hope your mother has the same success!


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Your post is one I felt I must reply to.  I live in Buffalo, NY and did 3 rounds (6 weeks) of IL-2 at Roswelll.  I was considered a "partial responder", and have remained stable for 3 years with mets to lungs.  If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to email me....I'm at

IL-2 is a tough one, but it is do-able if you go in armed with knowledge and knowing what to expect.  I'm suspecting your mother is in Canada?

There have been quite a few folks I've met who have been NED for many years after IL-2.  Your mom can certainly fall into that category too.  :)

Thoughts to you both!

Sandy - Buffalo