Stage 4 Melanoma

Found out I had Melanoma on top of my head in July 2010. Was operated on the same month. Also removed 4 lymp nodes in my neck. They removed 4 and one had a trace of cancer, so the doctor removed 57 more and they were all clear. 

Had a pet scan, ct scan & MRI in December. They showed a small spot on my lung. The doctor said it could have been there for a long time, but wanted more scans in 3 months. They found the same spot on my lung, but also found spots on my spleen and liver.

I asked the doctor if I did nothing what  would happen? He said I would die in about a year.

So he sent me to Angeles Clinic in Santa Monica where they do nothing but clinical trails on Melanoma. I was put on ll-2 for 4 weeks. 5 days in a row with an infusion, then 10 days off and then 5 days on again, for 3 weeks.

 Waited 2 weeks then had a ct scan and MRI. The tumor in the lung did not grow, but the one on the liver grew 1 mm and they also found another one on the liver. The one in the spleen also grew to about 2 inches. Not good.

They are going to try me on e7080, so I hope for the best. The doctor was thinking of the ipi drug, but I am 79 years old he is not sure I could take the side effects.

 I am concerned about my insurance paying. I have medicare and private.

God bless



LeanneM - (3/24/2012 - 7:32am)

Good luck Roger. It made me sad that you're another example of the richest country on earth's inability to care for its people medically. It's shameful that with your illness you are also expected to worry about getting the best treatment because of money. I thank God I live in Australia, where this is never an issue: regardless of who you are, you get the best treatment possible, all the way wherever that leads. God Bless


kattyp - (6/19/2013 - 5:35am)


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