I have stage IIIb Melanoma.

I will be starting my Interferon treatment Sept. 19th. I had surgery June 29th and doing great.  I went to see Dr. Sosman at Vanderbilt in Nashville last week and he wanted me to do a clinical trial of Yervoy. After a lot of praying and research I have decided to do Interferon.  I hope to hear from someone who did the year of Interferon.


bblapril - (9/12/2011 - 7:21pm)

Hi Vicky,

Good luck with your upcoming treatment.  My husband is undergoing Interferon treatment as well, Interferon Alpha 2B.  He is on the 6 month treatment plan, 4 days for one week then off for 2 weeks.  He has done very well so far.  Tomorrow will start is half way point.  He drinks plenty of water, rests when tired and maintains his positive attitude.

I will be thinking of you!


Be a fountain not a drain

Jamiebrock - (10/1/2015 - 7:16pm)

How was the treatment of interferon. I had to stop the  5x a you know your dosage?

blume - (6/24/2012 - 1:40pm)

Hi Vicky,

I just read this :

Be sure to get your diagnosis confirmed and your treatment done in a clinic specialized on melanoma.


LivingNTN - (7/5/2013 - 12:42pm)

Vicky -  I went thru 11 months of alpha B interferon. First month of daily IV treatment then 10 months of home injections. Should have done the last month (to make it a full year as prescribed), but I was ready to get back to my "old" life.  It's been two years and I'm still NED (no evidence of disease). I'm in the "Watchful Waiting" period. The year was a bit draining but drinking lots & lots of water and resting when needed are the two main requirements to get thru the interferon regimen. The best of luck...