Damon Runyon 5k run/walk.

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8/7/2013 9:44am
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Hi everybody!


Meredith and I are starting what will hopefully be an annual event, maybe we will even get more people to join us as the years go on.  This year we are going to be in an event that raises money for cancer by making us walk 5k around Yankee stadium.  Thats right, all of the stairs and a lap around the field,  You can donate on either one of our pages, 


My wife is 


mine is




If anybody would like to join in with us, you can create your own team, or join ours, (blackmoles).  Just watch out for all of the syringes from A-rod when you pass 3rd base.-you might even get to watch me being passed by a grandma and a little girl since I only have 1 lung and my left leg coordination is all screwy from the brain surgeries I've had.  The great thing about Damon Runyon, is that it doesn't raise money for any specific cancer research it gives grants based on the best researchers for all different types of cancer.  Jedd Wolchok(our oncologist), of Memorial Sloan Kettering once received one of these grants and that turned into a new and better FDA approved treatment for melanoma. (Yervoy)


The first 10 donors get a shamwow, and especially big donors will get a PBS tote bag with a Ken Burns CD collection.  Donate within the next 10 minutes and we will even throw in a Slapchop!   


Best to everybody and back to the more serious matters at hand  which is you doing your best to kill the beast.


As for updates on me, I'm 5 years out with no evidence of disease 40 years old (was especially happy to make it to 40, as that made it 10 years since my diagnosis (30th birthday).  Meredith and I have a son named Jedd, he is now 15 months old and already much more mature than his father.

Meredith and I run a successful mobile veterinary business, and my current treatments are just daily antiseizure medication which I am currently weaning off of.  I thank God for the gift of life every single day.



God Bless everybody in their battle


John/Elmer Fudd (yep the guy nobody liked from the DS.)

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jag - (8/7/2013 - 9:53am)

Oh, and out of respect for others, I am not posting this on the main board.  I am happy to see that the spammers are doing worse than Roxanne and Barbie Girl and BillMfl and I at driving people out of here.

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Janner - (8/7/2013 - 12:01pm)

Good luck with your run, John.  And happy 5 years NED!