What if ipilimumab(yervoy) does not work?

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12/13/2013 3:46pm
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Had my second dose of ipilimumab. Hoping it will work but trying to find the best next step if needed. So far did pallative radiation, zelboraf and now yervoy. fyi the zelboraf shrank nothing.

This link is great info of a melanoma webinar: http://melanomainternational.org/webinar/2013/09/ipilimumabpd1-combinati...

Based on the webinar it looks like the best chance for long term success would be a combo of ipilimumab for ctla-4, nivolumab for pd1 and MPDL3280A for pdL. But the best I see are 4 trials for ipi and nivo.

Anybody know a trial for all 3? Or am I missing what the best next step is?

Also how long should I give ipilimumab to work? I was thinking 10 weeks after the last dose cause that's when the drs plan to do a scan and decide what to do.

Thanks for any info.



The combo trials do seem to be having the most success right now.  Unfortunately you may have a hard time getting into any that involve Ipi since you are not Ipi naive.  I kinda recall hearing something about a pd-1 trial at moffitt for patients that did not respond to Ipi so that might be worth looking into in the future.  There's an early trial for a treatment called ADC that seems pretty hopeful.  It's a little different approach from the Ipi and Nivo inhibitors so it might be worth trying.  As long as your mel isn't agressively growing I would be as patient as possible (easier said than done).  I've heard of patients not seeing results for six months from treatment.  Good luck to you.


Thank you for taking the time to reply. ADC (Antibody drug conjugates) looks promising.

Yes it does Arthur.  If you haven't seen it check out this thread on the MIF forum.



Looks like this PD-1 trial is just opening up and IPI is not a disqualifier.  It's a phase I trial so you really are a guinea pig for these type trials but I would do it in a heart beat if it were my only chance at a PD-1 treatment.