Can skin cancer (expel) color pigment out of mole??

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12/16/2013 1:53pm
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There's this raised mole that has been on my back for a few years. Never grew in size (2mm) is oval shape but pigment is what bothers me. It's blotchy. Like most of it pink, a few speck of dark brown.

This past week a spot got darker.

I was concerned about it, and one night I was touching the mole and it felt a tad rough. I don't know WHY I decided to do what I did, but for some reason I squeezed it a little bit and then the black spot began to come out? As you see in image, is slightly irritated but that dark spot is like almost out.

Then I brushed my fingers over the spot and it just fell off?? Like, the pigment was under my skin and now it just fell off? Can that even happen??

Sorta distraught as to what or why this happened. I'm gonna get it checked by my derm, last time I went he said it didn't look like anything. I'm just concerned as this past week all this change happened.



Mole pigment is part of the skin tissue itself.  It isn't some type of liquid.  So maybe... what you were squeezing wasn't exactly a mole?  Maybe it was something else or maybe you had a type of hemangioma or acne under/near the mole.

Moles can regress or lose pigmentation on their own - it's a natural process.  It can also happen in melanoma.  But that doesn't sound anything like what you experienced.

Talk to your derm, and leave it alone.  Let it heal.

I wonder do I need another image resizing SDK to help me with that?

Best thing to do is express these concerns to your derm, the best thing they can do is probably just biopsy it. No harm in doing that and you will have peace of mind :)


I do plan on having it removed. Along with another :)

I was just wondering if any of you have heard of such a thing? No where can I find info or even pictures that look like what I described. And usually when you research melanoma or skin cancer all the (worst possible pictures) show up. But never a mild looking case (though skin cancer should never be considered mild, just saying)