I have one box vemurafenib , pls contact me if you need it

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12/21/2013 5:01am
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I have one box vemurafenib , my father is dead , pls contact me if you have a patient who needs it .

email : abdullah_jarbouh@hotmail.com


you will pay for the shipping cost only .

The original poster may be an extremely kind and generous person who is trying to help someone out. Unfortunately, this could equally well be a scam. Since we get posts like this from time to time, maybe we should think about some things:

1. It is highly illegal in the US for individuals to buy or sell presecription medicines. I don't know what the law says about giving them away, but I doubt that it is legal, either.

2. Havng said that, there are situations where it is morally good even if illegal to share life-saving medications. If you're willing to risk it, then any and all communications should be private and handled via the Private Message function on this web site. Neither the offeror nor the recipient should post their private contact information.

3. I, personallly, would only consider such an offer from someone who has been actively participating on this forum for some time. They should be "known" to us with a profile and periodic posts where we have been able to follow the progress of someone's disease and treatments over time. Some who pops up suddenly and says, "Hey, I've got this expensive medicine. Give me some money and I'll be happy to send it to you." raises my suspicions.

4. NEVER send ANYONE money in advance. If the offeror really has kindness and generousity at heart, they will send the medicine to you and once you have determined that it is correct, then pay them back for any shipping charges. That is what a friend of mine did with her extra Zelboraf. Yes, the offeror will run some small risk of not getting paid back. But that's better than scores of people sending $30 or $40 for "shipping" and never getting any medication.

5. I have no idea who this poster is and I certainly don't mean to offend him if he is making an honest attempt to help people. However, these medications are just too important and too expensive to escape the notice of scam artists. Please, everybody, beware. 


Thanks for your advice, you are so wise to post your concern.  I can see how vulnerable we are and especially our loved ones, thanks for the heads up!


Valid and none offensive response.


I'm me, not a statistic. Praying to not be one for years yet.

Daar Abdullah,
I sincerely thank you for such wonderful gift! Eyes of my mother are full of tears when she speaks about you. Thank you!!!!! You very generous person!!