email updates on forum post responses?

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Tina D
1/9/2014 10:05am
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I am sure this has probably been discussed, but I have not seen the threads. I used to get email updates on new posts, or comments that were new on previous posts. Ids this still an option, and if so, how do I subscribe once again? I have not followed through on some posts, and I feel badly about that - the responses fell through the cracks during periods I was not frequenting the board.

Any help is appreciated...thanks!


Look for "Subscribe to this topic" or "Subscribe to all topics" at the top of each topic or the top of the main board.  Click on that to get your emails.

Thank you! Why in the world did I not see that?! Sometimes I wonder about me.....   

I will be glad to get that set up again. For some reason I kept thinking it was in the account setup,