More trouble with posting

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1/13/2014 12:05pm
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Again getting the spam filter blocker message, like last week.  Have a full text article only available today and tomorrow on braf inhibitors.  Looks to be very important.  So, please fix that spam blocker.

POW - (1/13/2014 - 12:30pm)

When I was being consistently blocked by the spam filter last week I emailed Shelby Moneer at MRF. She replied that their IT guy, "asked that you clear your cache and when you press enter or submit, be sure that you’re only doing so once." As it turns out, they fixed my spam blocker problem before I cleared by cache, but you could try that.

PS-- I sure hope this message gets through and that we're not having another massive spam-blocker problem!

Anonymous - (1/13/2014 - 1:13pm)

I have no idea what a cache is or how to clear it.

Have also gotten the impression that some symbols trigger spam filters, but don't know what they are.

POW - (1/13/2014 - 1:46pm)

When you view a web page, your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc) saves the page in a "cache". The next time you go to that web page, your browser does not load the page all over again. Instead, it gives you the page it saved to your cache. Don't ask me why. If the cached page contains an error (like the spam blocker) you will keep getting that error message again and again.

Clearing a cache is easy but the method is different for every different browser. Every browser has a "Help" page-- sometimes it looks like a question mark, sometimes it's under "About this browser" or "Tools". If you can't figure out how to clear your cache (and believe me, most people can't) email Shelby at MRF and explain your problem to her.

Yes, certain words like "dick" can trigger the spam filter (poor Dick_K!). But usually the problem is just a technical glitch. 

Richard_K - (1/13/2014 - 7:24pm)