OM stage 4, any experience with ipi (Yervoy)?

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1/11/2014 2:54am
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Hi Team,

My mother is meeting with Docs next week (Jan 17) with the option to start ipi / Yervoy.

She had her eye out last Feb 2013 but the melanoma has spread to long bones and liver too.  She is 73 so this treatment is the only option.

We would love to hear from anyone - especially OM - with ipi experiences.

Much Appreciated & Best of Luck!

You might want to post this question on the OM bulletin board.  This board has plenty of people who have done ipi, but most are cutaneous melanoma patients.  They may be able to help with any questions you have.  However, the OM board is here:

As Janner said, few patients on this forum have ocular melanoma. However, the organization that  hosts this forum (the Melanoma Research Foundation) just recently started a major initiative to provide support for ocular melanoma patients. In addition to the OM forum that Janner mentioned, I suggest that you email your question directly to the MRF director, Tim Trunham at

Thank you you awesome folks!!!   Please follow the other forum to see what transpires if of interest.  
Thank you Janner and POW!

You can search for posts about ipi specifically on the OM forum by using the Google Advanced search function.

Go to:

Use the "Search for any words" field and enter ipi and Yervoy

In the "Domain" field enter the URL for the OM forum:

Then hit "Search"

You will see a number of posts related to OM and ipi. From what I can tell, there is nothing all that different between the OM folks and the cutaneous melanoma folks who take ipi.