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2/9/2014 5:31am
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I was treated with Temodar for a grade 3 astrocytoma in my brain tumor, a rare but possible side effect of the drug is infertility and development of leukemia. What are the statistics, or how many, if any of you that have been treated have expirienced these side effects? 

Janner - (2/9/2014 - 4:11pm)

No statistics here, but I can honestly say in the 10+ years I've been on this board, I've never heard infertility or leukemia discussed as side effects of Temodar.  Generally, it is very well tolerated.  Typically, if you are stage IV melanoma (this BB deals with melanoma) and have melanoma brain mets, that's the most important thing to get under control regardless of side effects.  Melanoma brain mets will kill you long before you get to worry about something like infertility.  You might want to search for some information more specific to your disease because Temodar use for melanoma may be different than Temodar use for your disease.  Dosage and duration might be different and therefore side effects.

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