Melanoma Specialist in Chicago for the highly freckled

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3/23/2014 6:39pm
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My wife was recently diagnosed with Melanoma.  At this point, it is in situ, but she wants to look for an expert in Melanoma in Chicago to check her over.  She has very fair skin with thousands of freckles.  Lots of the freckles have grown darker.  Does anyone know of a good specialist in the Chicago who is especially good at spotting melanoma in someone with many, many freckles?  

Dr Mary Martini at the Pigmented Skin Lesion Clinic at Northwestern.  Or Rush has a pigmented skin lesion clinic too with specialists. 

I used to see Dr. Rhodes at Rush Pigmented Leison Clinic as well as Dr. Kaufman who was chief of cancer program there but recently left. Rhodes was very good but insurance change ended that...I see Dr. Todd Davis at Elmhurst Dermatology. I wouldn't say he is a renowned as some but he was recommended as was involved in research and participated in melanoma surveillance programs. Very thorough and listens to patient. Good luck!!!



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