Yervoy Healing or Scan Reader Error??

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Dave from Ormond
4/21/2014 12:40pm
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On November 22, 2013 I received my last dose of Yervoy/Ipi.  My December CT Scan showed no new growths and shrinkage of existing in the area that received radiation.

On February 12, 2014 I had a follow up scan that showed new mets in both my lungs, liver, stomach, and spine.  The largest were in my lungs at 10 mm.  The others were between 6 and 8 mm. A follow up Brain MRI showed 4 small spots in my brain.  We did 15 whole brain radiation treatments to treat this area prior to starting the B-raf/MEK treatments.

To achieve a baseline of where my mets where at in size and location, we did a PET Scan on Monday, April 7, 2014, which is the day I started the B-raf/MEK treatment.  The results of this scan showed NO METS in my LUNGS, LIVER, Stomach, or BRAIN.  I did have 5 new mets pop up but only ONE of two on my spine was there in both the CT Scan and the PET Scan.

My question to everyone is this:  Is it more likely to be a scan error or a Yervoy success?  

I'm interested in hearing others opinions as my Doctor would not commit to either and said that it is very possible that Yervoy did cure it, but there is also a chance that the PET Scan didn't pick them up because they are small.  He is counting on the CT scan that will determine if the braf/mek is working after 8 weeks to put any debate to rest.

Thanks for your input.


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That is an interesting development.  I've had an experience lately with PET scan results that I hope to get answered on Wednesday. It certainly does sound good whatever is going on.  To me it sounds a little strange that they are using PET scans to establish baseline.  I always thought that CTs were better for that because they are a little more clear.  My understanding is that PETs are helpeful with finding cancer because of the glowing the cancer produces on images but that CTs actually give a better image.  I'm not sure how true that is.  I have heard that PETs may not be able to pick up cancer (i.e won't glow) if the tumor is 4 mm or smaller.  By that standard I would think that your 6 mm to 10 mm mets should be able to be seen if they are still there and active.  It would be nice to believe that you are having a delayed Ipi reaction and now also hitting it with Braf/MEK combo.  Talk about a triple whammy.


I hope it is all good.. Hoping for similar experience with my hubby. 

The triple whammy would be fine with me!  However, I had a road bump with the braf/MEK.  I had such terrible fatigue that I didn't eat or get out bed for three days last week.  Turns out the braf/MEK had depleted my B12 to nothing.  I'm on some B12 shots now and feeling better.  Going to call the Doctor and see when we start back on it.

The smile on my face isn't a disguise, it's confidence that I'll be here for many years to come.

that is too bad, if you don't have the right scan reader to make everything clear, and if we can't find it timely, teh disease will become bad.

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