MK3475 (PD1) is at Beverly Hills Cancer Center

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4/21/2014 10:26am
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My husband started the Merck expanded access program last week at Beverly Hills Cancer Center.  Dr. O'Day, a renowned melanoma specialist is running it. We have been going to BHCC since his diagnosis which was last April.  It is a great place.


Anonymous - (4/21/2014 - 10:43am)

Are you saying that Merck's EAP Pd1 is OPEN at BHCC with Dr. O'day?


there is a tab for clinical trials. The information is there.


Thanks for your post. I am desperately trying to help my sister get into this same trial or the access program, MK3475. I have been on the internet trying to find a way to get her this new drug. She has stage IV small cell lung cancer in both lungs and has decided to quit her chemo because it made her feel so crappy. Besides Beverly Hill CC, do you know any other places I can try?  Could you be so kind to give me any other advice that might help to get her accepted into Beverley Hills CC? I am having a hard time getting anyone to call me back. Thank you in advance. Tom

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The website has posts about different MK3475 trial sites.  Catherine Poole can be contacted on it.  She says she has a comprehensive list of locations. Where do you live?


You can also go to the the National Cancer Institute and look up clinical trials there.   The MK 3475 trial is under the trial protocol ID P07990 and also under NCT01295827.  When you call to check on a location for the trials, refer to NCT01295827.  Their number is 888-577-8839.  I found a location in Atlanta at Emory University and we trying to see it my wife is a viable candidate at this time.  Good luck in your search.

Anonymous - (4/29/2014 - 7:35am)

I think that the terminology is confusing here. The Merck is calling their Expanded Access Program for MK3475 a "clinical trial". That is why they have some pretty strict criteria for qualifying for the EAP. The MK3475 EAP is the same thing as clinical trial NCT01295827.

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if you go to government website & look up clinical trials they have telephone numbers listed by site offering trial -  I found the numbers listed on sites in western United States were the doctors personal cell phones or office phones ;  not hospital numbers,  and the three doctors I reached were very conversant & forthcoming.

Hope you might have the same results,  john