I'm terrified. How to deal with the results of the PET?

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4/23/2014 6:02pm
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hi everybody, thank you very much for reading me. I need your help.

My husband is stage IIIa from june 2012 . He is  with  treatment of interferon pegylado (intron) from October 2012. My husband is now 40 years old, he  has its scan every 6 months and blood checks , the last scan showed enlarged lymph then made ​​a PET_CT.

The PET showed some hot spots in the enlarged nodes SUV 2.5 do not know if it's the inflammatory effect of interferon or recurrence of melanoma. At the end of this month to repeat the PET.  Next week  he will  PET-CT. This PET is very important because the pet will determine if are melanoma  recurrence or not.

I am very nervous and not deal with the PET result. We also tried several years ago to have a child, and right now I'm just waiting for the result of my second FIV-ICSI, and I should be quiet but I can not. We  have many misfortunes at this time I no longer feel I have more forces ...

appreciate any advice to confront the report of the PET.


Gaby (from argentina)

The end of the month is almost here and waiting never gets better.  That SUV can be due to the INF, again only time will tell.  It helped me to know I had a back up plan of B, C, D etc. then I would let it go since that was all I could do.  Constant fretting won't help.

Try to push it aside and plan for "play" time doing something so intense it takes your full concentration ex. glaze some ceramics or do an art project, home improvement etc., exercise, anything.

The added stress of IVF and the 2WW are also difficlut.  I can't imagine going through both at the same time.  I did, but in sequence.

I had my melanoma, got an OK and was pushed by the fear of never having my family to actually going through the infertility thing.  That to was frought with many up's, down's and ended with divorce.

After all that, I did manage to have my daughter Jade - difficult preg., and the courage to try again using an egg donor for Emma.  By the time I had my 2 girls I was a proud single mom of both.

Unfortunately when my girls were 2 & 4 I discovered I was stage IV.  I am glad I went through everything to have my girls regardless, and am happy to say after lung surgery and IL-2 I have remained NED for almost 4 years and will probably have a durable remission.

A lot to take in when in the middle of everything, I know.  Force yourself to go on a walk, bike, or do something to take a break from all this crap for now.  Sorry for calling it what it is, but its the truth.

Hugs -

Cancer Sucks Shit Happens Nothing is ever 100% bad, there is a reason and silver lining in everything. Sometimes I need a good light and my glasses to find it though. You can't fix stupid.

I wish I knew how to comfort with waiting for scan results. All I can say is I am waiting too. I had a pet-ct yesterday and monday I find out the results. This will be the third and final I guess standard medicine for me. So far none have shrank anything. So yeah I'm worried. Fortunately there are trial medicines. I just have to be strong enough to get to the places they are at. One thing of comfort maybe is if your husband's scan shows something not good there might be more options available than there were in 2012. Good luck.

This is one of the hardest parts of this whole melanoma thing.  My husband was diagnosed with a 19 mm tumor in February.  The Scanxiety was tremendous, couldn't sleep or eat.    I only wish both of you very good results and know that there are many of us out there going through this so you are not alone.  We live by MD Anderson and they are doing so many amazing things there, so no matter what you find or don't find, there is hope.


Jackie <3

Just to clarify, I wasn't missing a decimal point, his depth was huge!  But he came back with negative SNB and negative scans.  We go back in July for next round of scans.

Jackie <3