Strange new mole on my head

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4/27/2014 6:25am
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Since the sunny days came in my country I have observed a new mole on my head that is kind of looking strange :


Here I have attached some close up images...

It kind of worries me...I don't have many moles on my body and I will be able to visit a medic only in 2 or 3 weeks from now...


What is your opinion about it?Does it need to make an urgent appointment to the medic or it is just regular mole and I am freaking out to much?


I am looking forward to read your advices and thoughts...



Cheers and have a very good day.



See if you can get in earlier. ThE shape is irregular but the color is normal. Why wait and worry ?

I am not in my contry for now...If it look so dangerous I will cancel my plans I am really freaking out :D

...I have measured it and it is 4-5mm ...


I have had another oncologyc event about 6 years ago but not relate to skin...I hope not to be so unlucky and get another high risk health issue :(

Janner - (4/27/2014 - 7:22pm)

Honestly, it doesn't look particularly ominous to me.  Does it look different from your other moles?  Unless it changes drastically, 2-3 weeks should be fine.  New and like other moles is fine.  New and different from other moles warrants a check up.  Truthfully, even if this were melanoma (I'd say unlikely), most types are slow growing.  2-3 weeks is nothing.  I waited several months to have a biopsy on what I was sure was my second melanoma because of insurance issues.  It was still the earliest stage.  I think getting it checked is fine, but I don't think it's any type of emergency.  Just my opinion, you have to do what makes YOU comfortable.

NYKaren - (4/28/2014 - 7:16pm)

Since this is a new mole, I would have it biopsied. I think a couple of weeks are ok, but this is how my stage 4 metastatic melanoma began. Also, use a mirror and another person to check your entire scalp. 

Good luck,


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