Another good visit to Duke

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4/29/2014 12:01pm
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Les had her first post-surgery follow-up visit to Dr Tyler yesterday.  After two weeks, to drain is still producing too much for it to be removed, so that was put off for another two weeks.  He did mention that the lapro surgery tended to drain more and longer, so he was not surprised.  The drain site is a little inflamed, so antibiotics were prescribed to clear up a slight infection.  Dr. Tyler stripped the drain tubing to get the stringy clot out.  The tubing looked great afterwards, but the drain was pretty gross with the coiled up clot in it.  He also said that it was OK to strip it carefully at home, too.  Anyway, to best news was the pathology report.  All removed lymph nodes were CLEAN!  With that said, Les is pretty certain that she will not be doing the Interferon treatment.  We'll ask about periodic scans, etc. when we go back for the drain removal and leg measurements.

She went back to work one week after the surgery, and felt great at first.  She felt progressivly worse as the week went on, but never felt really bad.  Mainly a tightness in her leg, and some "Tylenol" level pain.  Much better than how the 'open incision' surgery was described.

BrianP - (4/29/2014 - 6:45pm)

Great news.  Very happy for you guys.  I know she'll be happy to have that drain removed.  I couldn't wait to get mine out.

Fen - (4/29/2014 - 7:26pm)

Absolutely wonderful news!  Those darn drains are a pain but I hope when it comes out Leslie's recovery will be rapid and uneventful.  Fen