Immunotherapy: The Silver Bullet Against Cancer?

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5/1/2014 4:31pm
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This was a fascinating talk on so many levels about immunotherapy.  The cartoon drawings at the beginning are great for the beginner to understand the immune system and the roles of things such as Tcells and dendritic cells.  Hearing the history of how Yervoy came to be was very interesting and Jedd Wolchok's explanantions are outstanding as usual.  A little long but can't recommend it enough.



Thank you Brian for posting this!

If you are at all interested in immunotheraphy, watch this.  The presenters take care to explain (in ways I can understand) the science and some of thethe politics behind immunotheraphy.  

It is very informative and well worth an hour of your time!


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Thank you Brian...Hope you're doing well !!!!


Very interesting video to view and digest as we contemplate our next steps for a second round of treatment.

Thank you Brian for finding and sharing this!

Very easy to understand, at least the first 15 minutes! haha