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6/27/2014 11:32am
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I have stage 4 and have stopped working for about 6 months, currently on the GSK combo. I have successfully obtained copay help through Chronic Fund foundation, for those of you needing help with prescription copay, their approval process is 24hrs. I submitted online application, 2 days later, I was approved. For those of you needing financial help, this is a good place.

I am unsure where to go for help with my mortgage? I don't know

if I should tell my lender about my diagnose, I am still current on my mortgage, but finding it harder & harder to make the payments. Has anyone reached out to their lender and obtained a successful outcome?

Sherron - (6/27/2014 - 2:36pm)

What about apply for disability??  Your Stage 4...You qualify,


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Anonymous - (6/28/2014 - 12:52am)

Yes, I have applied and have been approved, not enough to cover my daily expenses, I have stopped working.