Post mastectomy for melanoma stage3c

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6/28/2014 4:23pm
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I've posted here a few times, so I had a mastectomy march 31 the surgeon removed a  melanoma tumor that was 7 x 4 inches, I had had a breast implant about 24 years ago that was flattened like a pancake, my doc had to peal it off my muscle wall and believe it or not there was melonoma cells on the implant, I have benn treated and MDAnderson for almost 3 years and they have managed to keep in contained thus far, I've tried Ipi 7 months of chemo with a braf inhibitor , il2 , a Mek and braf inhibitor when the tumor started growing like a weed, surgeon has always been reluctant to do another surgery, 3 but the tumor was causing too much pain, the surgeon was able to close me, but of course a ton of tissue was removed, all do my margins were not clear, spent weeks with the worst pain of my life but was finally able to get some relief with a thoracic nerve blocks, so finally I was able to enroll in the compassionate part of the anti pd1, Mek 3475 I think, and was the 1st patient to receive it at mad, so I have a tumor now under my  right armpit, my mastectomy and complete lymph node reval almost 3 years ago was on my left side, I also have a lump in my left neck and lo and behold I just found a big lump on my left side towards my back, getting ready to have 3rd dose of pd1 next week and scans after 4th dies, so far have manged to keep it mostly in lymph system and sub q so far except last scanshowed a few spots on the pleura of my lung, I'm hanging in there but am starting to feel like my option if this one doesn't work are getting slim, but hanging on and continuing to work the best that I can! Mitotic rate 13, which I hear is high dang it!

Hey Soccerchick,

I'm so sorry to hear you've had more rough road since your last post.  I clicked on your post as soon as I saw your name because I remember how inspirational your last post were.  I really hope you have success with the MK 3475.  I'm on the BMS anti PD-1 and have had pretty good success so I am hopeful for you.  I'm really hoping and praying this will be your silverbullet but if not don't lose hope.  They are still coming up with new amazing stuff to try.  Best of luck to you.  Please let us know how the scans go in a few weeks.