Help getting access to lambrolizumab

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7/30/2014 3:44pm
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I'm not oncologist, just a GP and I wish I can help one of my patient and friend here in Europe to access this treatment (or the other anti-PD-1 antibody) ...

Is there a way to get it under "compationate use" she will pay for it , is she can afford...

Looking for any assistance in this way,


thank you for this usefull board

Sorry I can't answer you question, but you might want to also check with Catherine Poole at MIF (  That board tends to have a bit more of an international scope.



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In Spain is possible to get it under compassionate use, after ipi fail or braf inh.

Where are you from?

Take a look at the post from Tim of the MRA dated 7/10 /2014. He talks about the expanded access to the Ipilimumab and Nivolumab combination by Bristol Myer Squibb. Also the name has changed from MK-3475 to Lambrolizumab to Pembrolizumab. Dr. Antoni Ribas at UCLA is involved with the research on this drug but I am not sure where or how you would get access. I know that Nivolumab has become available in Japan by Ono Pharmaceutical Co, where they call it Opdivo. Hope this helps!!! Ed

Anonymous - (7/30/2014 - 5:45pm)

thank you very much all three, I didn't expect so quick response!

I'm in france and indeed my prescription as GP may not be enough to convince a lab in my opinion ..

That's also often I have patients with NSCLC and I'm in the same situation, I see some additional possibilities abroad and can't access them 

here no oncologist will take the responsability to prescribe a drug that has not approbation in the country ... they are so afraid to get troubles

If anyone has a more precise suggestion it create en temporary email to take contact no to leave my identity on this board ... 

feel free to leave a message at , sorry not to give my true email , I don't want to lose my med board registration...

I think you need to transfer your patient to Villejuif to the Institut  Gustave Roussy. they are as far as I know the only French site where the Merck EAP for Pembrolizumab is open. So they will get access for your friend.
If he / she is BRAF+ he has to have failed this and he has to habe failed Ipilimumab. There are some more criteria that the people at the IGR wil know.
hope this helps!

Anti-pd1 therapies have been recently approved in Japan. Perhaps your friend can get a referral to a Japanese Melanoma  Oncologist there who can prescribe treatment and pay out of pocket.  Worth a look.