Profiles FAQ

Why should I add my profile?

Profiles allows you to help other patients by sharing your experiences. Even if you choose not to allow email contact, your profile can include treatment histories, what's worked and what hasn't, doctor contacts etc. that can be of great benefit to others.

In addition, if you use the chat room, having a profile will prevent you from having to type in your case history over and over as you meet new people in the chat room. Your profile can be read by the people you are chatting with when they select your name from the list and press the "User Info" button.

What about my privacy?
Profiles are entered anonymously. You choose a username that serves as the only publicly available identifier for your profile. Your profile is also password protected so only you can make changes. In addition, you choose whether or not to allow other patients to have access to your email address. To prevent automated programs from obtaining email addresses for the purpose of solicitation, email addresses do not appear directly on your profile. Instead, if you have chosen to allow access to your email address, a patient who wishes to contact you must look up your address in the database.

What if I don't have my treatment history available?
Your profile can be edited by you at any time. You can join now and add more information later as it becomes available.