Anti-pd-1 and bilirubin and alkaline phospate levels.

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1/1/2013 11:05am
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Just had blood work and 5th infusion of anti-pd-1.  This time the bilirubin had gone up to 1.3 previously .6  and alkaline phospate had gone up from 195 to 225.  Has anyone had this happen and does it mean the drugs aren't working.  HELP  Margaret

Rising bilirubin and alk phos levels suggest a problem in the liver. It suggest an obstruction to the flow of bile at some point. This could be intra cellular or at some point of the biliary system- bile ducts gall bladder , billary tree etc. This could be stones in gallbladder or gile duct , or something obstructing the bile duct externally - a mass could be in common bile duct bile duct or within the liver causing a large branch of bile duct to be occluded.

Some drugs can cause a cholestatic( where bile is stopped from flowing) problem but i have not heard of it from PD1. More tests will be required to deternine the cause

What have your doctors told you?



He doesn't feel any worse.  Dr. weber want to see what the numbers look like next wed.  Margaret