is either BCNU or doxorubicin drug better with chemoembolization to treat metastic ocular melanoma

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12/4/2012 2:31pm
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Has anyone had chemoembolization usiing either BCNU or doxorubicin drug to treat metastic ocular melanoma liver mets.  I was just watching the Cure OM eyes for a cure 2012 and it looks like thomas Jefferson uses the BCNU they also mentioned that you could have chemoembolization thru out the US however many of the interventional radiologists don't have experience with BCNU drug.


Also where have patients had chemoembolizations done thru out the US or have most patients gone to the specialist centers for OM?

My brother is planning on going to Brigham and Women's in Boston and the doctor said they do not treat many ocular melanoma liver mets and they use the doxorubicin drug.  So I am thinking are they using this drug because they mostly treat other types of cancer mets and that is whay drug is used for those other cancers and maybe they should use this BCNU like Thomas Jefferson.


Thank you.