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8/19/2012 7:59pm
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Hi all,


I just want to share a bit of good news.  We can all use good news in this ocean of glum occurrences in which we find ourselves.

Having had two brain lesions, which were stereotactically radiated, I just had a 2-1/2 month follow up brain scan:  NO NEW ONES!

On to body scan in September.


margaretrogers57 - (8/22/2012 - 4:51pm)

Great news, Esther...  We had scans after selumetinib for 1 month and the largest two tumors had shrunk 3 mm or so.  Will have scans again in Sept., but we're staying on study as it is keeping the beast at bay.  Don't know about the very small tumors, but blood work and ekg were good.  Margaret