Facebook updates from bi-annual CURE OM Scientific Meeting held on November 17, 2013

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11/19/2013 12:29pm
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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to take a second to post some photos (hopefully it worked!) from the recent CURE OM Scientific Meeting. This meeting was held this past Sunday, November 17, 2013, in Philadelphia. Approximately 130 researchers and physicians attended this bi-annual event. 


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Today's workshop organized by CURE OM, NCI, and SMR- Emerging Research in Uveal Melanoma and Implications for Treatment: Current Status and Future Directions- was opened this morning by CURE OM Co-Founder and Director, Dr. Sara Selig, who gave patient and caregiver perspectives by sharing the words you all shared with us- thank you for helping us open this important international scientific meeting with words from the OM patient/caregiver community! We are hopeful today's meeting will get us closer to a cure!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Yesterday's international scientific meeting, organized by CURE OM and the NCI, was the largest scientific gathering specifically focused on ocular melanoma yet! CURE OM is working with the NCI to write up a report from yesterday's meeting. The morning sessions were spent sharing research updates from different labs and trials around the world-- including updates from CURE OM research grant recipients. A good deal of the afternoon was spent discussing how to have the best and most effective international collaboration to accelerate clinical trials, and, thus, more effective treatments, for patients and we are making headway developing better collaborative infrastructure for clinical trials and a way to make them more accessible to patients!
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
We had a dynamic panel discussion during Sunday's CURE OM/NCI scientific meeting- discussing the logistics of accelerating international OM clinical trials. Thank you to all who participated-- we are getting closer to more effective treatments for patients, stronger international collaboration, better access for patients, and, ultimately, a cure!

From L to R: Dr. Keith Flaherty, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Dr. Mario Sznol,Yale Cancer Center, Dr. Howard Streicher, National Cancer Institute, Dr. Takami Sato, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Dr. Poulam Patel,The University of Nottingham, and Dr. Richard Carvajal, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


The battle was lost, but the war must go on until a cure is found.

Are there videos of papers from this meeting? Anything significant reported?


Ahem, videos OR papers.