Finding a Melanoma Specialist

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8/13/2012 11:34am
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Stage 2B nodular melanoma on my forearm.  I had resection and sentinel node biopsy and both were clean.  My question is where do I find a dr that specializes in Melanoma and or a treatment center that does so.  I am in the Cincinnati OH area. Thanks

Do you have Ocular or Cutaneous Melanoma?  If Cutaneous, you are sure to find a melanoma center at a big teaching hospital in Cinti.  If Ocular, I'd suggest Dr. Tom Olencki at OSU in Columbus.


wes - (8/13/2012 - 6:49pm)

It is cutaneous, and just by chance I have an appt to see Dr Olencki at OSU in 2 weeks.  Have you had experience at OSU with him? Care to give your thoughts about their care?  Thanks

I have been seeing Cr. Olencki for a number of years.  I have Ocular, metastasized to my liver, lungs, brain, peritoneum, abdominal wall, chest wall, etc., etc.  I have been stage IV for almost 10 years, and still living a life. 

I find Dr. Olencki to be very knowledgable of current research.  He is willing to share his knowledge, and has helped me many times to choose clinical trials among the many print-outs I bring to him.  He is careful and conservative, but that may be because I am 76 years old and have type 1 diabetes.  With a healthier specimen he may be more willing to take risks.

He has always been honest with me, not trying to shield me from the sad truth, but kind as well.  He as been willing to work with other docs when I have gone elsewhere to other specialists.

I have found that what is important is not so much the institution, as the particular doc you consult.

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