How did you find out you had OM?

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5/2/2016 7:20pm
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Hi there,

My question to you is: how did you find out you had OM? Did you notice a spot on your eye, or was it a different experience?

For the record, I am not diagnosed with anything. I am hoping this stays that way. However, 6 months or so ago I noticed there was a spot on the white of my left eye. Never thought much of it at the time. What got me to start thinking was that for months and months now I have been having recurring dreams telling me I have cancer. The dreams have been becoming more direct. 3 dreams involving melanoma. A dream voice saying specifically to me "You have a melanoma."


This started making me wonder if this could actually be possibility. So I looked over my moles and such, and scheduled my routine derm appt, which was a month overdue (I am 31, and have to have derm appts every 4 months due to multiple precancerous moles, living in south Florida, and being very fair skinned). I didn't notice any unusual moles, but I did notice that black spot on my eye again. It's the size of a mechanical pencil head. Called my doc, and they completed my authorization to see an eye doctor within an hour. Appts in 2 days. I am really nervous... Hopefully this is just nothing.


Thanks for reading. Anyone willing to share their diagnosis experiences?


i think you are on the right path to check things out!i went in to a routine annual eye exam to get fitted with contacts  with no vision problems known and after dilating they were able to see that i had a spot way in the back of my eye which has been diagnosed as om!i just keep telling people to get a check up as i feel that it probably saved my life!