For inspiration when you have just bene diagnosed, there is nothing better that Steve Jobs' 200 Stanford commencement speech

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6/19/2012 11:34am
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When you have been recently diagnosed with ocular melanoma, I believe there is nothing more inspirational to help one deal with it than Steve Job's (Apple's new deceased CEO) 2005 Stanford commencement speech, just after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The video is heer

The text is here

And if you want more inspiring details on Steve Jobs, I recommend the approved biography by Walter Isaacson.


Peter L in NH

diagnosed jan 2012, biopsied class 1b cells feb 2012,  proton beamed feb 2012, currently no mets, central vision on tumor eye virtually gone, vision in other (lazy) eye also part compromised

Thanks Peter for posting.  It's a scary disease! Glad we have all of the forums and FB pages for support.


Anne Marie

My only beef with Steve Jobs is that he's the poster child for how NOT to treat cancer.  Instead of aggressivley pursuing medical treatment, which given his stage, would have probably been curative, Steve went for diet and meditation only for several months.  He thus progressed far enough that the treatment he finally got was not as effective as it might have been.

The doc who runs the alternative & complementary med program at my local hospital hates the term "alternative" because it leads patients to believe in an either-or approach when the BOTH approach makes more sense.  I use accupunture and meditation, and I'm a huge fan, but I'd never assume it could replace surgery or a nice dose of radation.  Steve did.  Steve's dead.

It's also an issue of control.  As a tech CEO, Jobs probably had a generous helping of control-freak in him, yet to be a successful cancer patient, you need to gove up some measure of control, even while maintaining it elsewhere.  It's that yin and yang of giving full trust to the professional about to cut you open, paired with the confidence to damand what you need, and to view your doctors as hired guns who you will fire if necessary.


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