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10/11/2012 8:43am
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My latest scans show two dinky, stable liver spots, maybe even necrotic nothings.  IHP did the trick.  The few lung spots I have aren't changing either.   There is a new paraspinal spot in my back muscles, only about 1cm.  Yesterday, Sato said ipilimumab with sterotactic zapping could be "curative."  Now, I haven't heard that word at all up to this point, and I'm sure he didn't mean "Yay, you're not stage IV anymore."  However, I'm also sure that a giant brain like Sato would not drop "curative" lightly.  The thinking is that while I'm still comparativley young (chuckle) and healthy, and I tolerated the big hammer blow that was IHP, then it's time for the big hammer blow that is Ipi.

Google Yervoy side effectrs and you get a lot of posts on the cutaneous forums here.  Ipi-sh*ts seem to be a major concern, but as with any other side effects, anecdotes are all over the map.  

I could duck into a trial at Sloan first, but I seem to be on this track of trying big things first and having them work so far.  Has anyone been prescribed Entocort with Ipi?  Cutaneous posters seem to favor it over Imodium.


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ThatHomeschoolDad - (10/12/2012 - 11:29am)

Holy crap!  I just connected some dots.   Anyone heard of the "Abscopal Effect?"  Turns out there are a few cases of combining Ipi with stereotactic radiation that turns it into a powerful systemic punch even for those tumore NOT targeted by the radiation.   Ya know, Sato can be hard to interpret at times, but THAT has to be what he was talking about "there have been some recent studies combining stereotactic with yervoy..."

This could be really cool.



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Nan in Nebraska - (10/12/2012 - 12:48pm)

Hey Tom, I hope the "abscopal effect" works. That's what I'm trying for. Had Ipi re-induction April-June with cyberknife to an enlarging lesion between spleen and stomach between first and second infusion (as recommended by Sloan). I had scans a month after cyberknife and then again 6 wks after Ipi. Things looked stable, which was better than things looked with I did my first course of Ipi the end of 2010. I had new things show up and also enlarging existing lesions. Things did settle down and I have pretty much been stable since 4/11 (except for that enlarging lesion by stomach). At least NOTHING NEW. I have scans the first part of Nov. and I think that should be telltale. I'm certainly hoping for the "abscopal effect".

christianreina - (10/12/2012 - 11:42pm)


I'm still learning a lot, but this sounds wonderful!  My wife is scheduled for her left eye inoculation this coming Thursday. We got some MRI/CT scans earlier in the week.  We're also going to join the Wellness group.

Congrats again!