In the LA area? Support CURE OM and run/walk at Universal Studios!

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Sara - CURE OM
3/8/2012 2:01am
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Dear All,

I want to let you know about a every exciting upcoming event...

Join us on May 6 in Los Angeles for Miles for Melanoma on the Universal Studios backlot-- a 5k run/walk.  This will convene at Universal Studios Hollywood to help raise critical awareness and funding needed for new treatment breakthroughs.  Along the route, participants will see iconic movie sights, including the Bates Motel, sets from Jaws and Back to The Future, and the village of Whoville!

We want to form a specific CURE OM team to participate in this event to raise awareness about OM and also to raise much needed funding specific to ocular melanoma.... if you are interested in being a part of the CURE OM team, please post here or email

We look forward to seeing you in LA and working together to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for ocular melanoma.

Warm Regards,

Sara - CURE OM

Dear All,

I wanted to remind you about our exciting upcoming event in LA... a 5K walk/run on the Universal Studios backlot... a great way to raise awareness and much needed funds for ocular melanoma research... if you are in the LA area, please join the CURE OM Team (sign up at the link below)... if you aren't able to join us in person, please help us spread the word about the event and help us recruit people for the CURE OM Team.

Post here or email with any questions.


Sara - CURE OM


Are the funds donated from these events going specifically towards CURE OM or just to MRF in general?  The reason I ask is, I started a fundraising event for CURE OM (through the Firstgiving site) and noticed that the electronic receipts for donations only indicate "Melanoma Research Foundation" and nothing to indicate the money is targeted to CURE OM, as I intended.  Just making sure.

Thank you.

Chris Jordan

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support and for your question.  All money specified for CURE OM (i.e. your fundraiser) will go specifically to CURE OM.  However, because CURE OM is under the umbrella of the wonderful MRF, the money comes in through MRF and then is ear-marked specifically for CURE OM.  So, the money you are raising from your race will go directly to CURE OM and anything brought in through the CURE OM Team at the Universal Studios 5k in LA (including sponsorships, donations, etc.) will also go directly to CURE OM.  The LA event is a general MRF event and so money that comes in outside the CURE OM Team will go to the MRF generally, but that also helps CURE OM as the MRF currently covers all of CURE OM's overhead and CURE OM and OM patients benefit from many of the general MRF programs-- i.e. buddy program, clinical trials finder, etc.  In my mind, it is really a win-win situation.

Does this make sense?  Please let me know if I have answered your questions and/or if you have any additional questions, thoughts, suggestions, etc.... I am also happy to talk by phone if that is easier.

Again, thank you so much for your support of CURE OM and I hope to maybe meet you in person at the upcoming patient meeting?


Sara - CURE OM

All makes sense.  Thank you for the response.


Anytime-- thank you for your support and please do not hesitate to post questions/comments/suggestions on the forum and/or feel free to email me directly at

I look forward to meeting you in person soon.


Sara - CURE OM