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2/27/2013 11:32am
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Has anyone heard of Ly2875358 for metastic uveal melanoma?   It is a Lily drug affecting the c-mets.  It specifically mentions uveal in one arm..Margaret

Nan in Nebraska - (2/27/2013 - 3:57pm)

Hi Margaret,

  I looked this up at Eli Lilly. Looks like it's a Phase II drug which is good......little further along. Is this at Emory? What does the doc say about it?


margaretrogers57 - (2/27/2013 - 7:50pm)

haven't talked to the study doc, but the trial is specifically testing it in 5 cancers and one is ocular melanoma with liver mets.  It is actually a 1B trial..They have already established the mtd..Will let you know more as we know more...They contacted us today and sent us the consent form to go over.  We won't be seeing the oncologist that we have seen at Emory, must see study investigator (oncologist).  It is at emory and several other locations around the us.  wish us luck..margaret