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10/1/2012 8:36pm
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So there was a big dustup today over on the ocumel list, which brings up the question:  How do newbies find their way to that list and how can this list be positioned to capture the same audience?   I think I found ocumel via the Choroidal_Melanoma yahoo group, so we can certainly spread the word there.  Having started in the Yahoo group and then moving to ocumel once I went Stage IV, I've tended to assume that was a normal progression.  I just never read that many yahoo posts from metastatic survivors.

There must be other sources.  Renee at Jefferson knows about this site, since she was at the conference, and we did, afterall, giver her a well-deserved standing O.   I know she used to steer new patients toward ocumel, and no doubt there are other health practitioners doing the same out of habit.  So how do we spread the word to them?

**CLINK CLINK**  (tapping on the glass)  Note to Dr. Sarah!  Do you guys have web tracking data to show from where new users come to this site?  Does MRF have banner ads anywhere with tracking data?

I still think the posting process here is way to slow, but it's smelling more and more like revolt over at ocumel -- you know, that faint hint of gunpowder, tears and bad cheese.   The time is ripe to shuttle more members this way.  Now if you'd all join me in a chorus from Les Miserables...

No one?


Keep Rowing!

tommonoli - (10/1/2012 - 8:42pm)




Oakdene_Cottage - (10/4/2012 - 11:59am)

Hey Tom, 

I agree... the posting process here isn't as easy to use as simply replying to an email on a ListServ or a posting on Facebook.  Here is what I've done to make it a little easier:

1. At the top of the forum page, click on the RSS symbol called "Subscribe to All Topics."

2. This will open a new page.

3. On the far right under "Actions" you can subscribe via RSS through your email, or simply bookmark the page. You will need to "Update" the page under "Actions" each time you visit.

This cuts down on needing to sign in and check individual posts... especially if you are a member of several different forums/groups.  

Also, at the end of each post, you can choose if you want to be alerted via email when someone responds to that particular topic.  This way your inbox isn't flooded with messages you don't want to read. 

Hope this helps. 


Sarah Elizabeth 

ThatHomeschoolDad - (10/5/2012 - 7:30am)

Yeah, I do get every message by email, and I've responded that way, so no prob.  I am a fan of this format, like a Yahoo group, in which you can see a whole thread.  I think the servers are just slow.



Keep Rowing!

Oakdene_Cottage - (10/5/2012 - 11:58am)

How do you respond via email?  I just tried it, and I don't think it worked.