Metastic Melanoma

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9/24/2012 12:00pm
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 Hi.  I am new to this website.   My mom was diagonosed with Melanoma on her left shoulder 13 years ago.  She had extensive surgery to remove all infected tissue.  She did not have chemo or radiation because the dr. assured her that everything was clean .     In July while having a catscan for another issue, they found a spot on her lung.  They removed part of the lube of her left lung on aug. 27th.  They originally thought it was a Carcinoid tumor, but the pathology reports showed it was Melanoma.      Can this be related to her Melanoma from 13 years ago? Does she now have whats considered Metastic Melanoma?  Is there a chance it could now spread again to other areas??  i am so confused because there was 13 years between..... 

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You're in the ocular (eye) melanoma forum.  The cutaneous (skin) melanoma forum that might be most helpful for you is here:



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