om mets to liver and now vertebrae

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4/26/2012 9:04pm
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My name is Margaret Rogers.  My husband was diagnosed with om in Jan. '06.  He was plaqued in Mar. 06.  The plaque surgery ruined his retina and as a result he had his eye enucleated in fall of '06.  He was scanned every 6 months with ct of ab. and lungs.  Mets showed up in Dec. '10 almost 5 yrs after om.  We went to Emory in Atlanta and saw an oncologist and Dr. Kevin Kim, an interventional radiologist.  Dr. Kim recommended ablating the largest tumor (1.8 cm.) by the time he ablated it(just a month later) it had grown to over 4 cm.  That ablation was successful and Dr. Kim recommended resection.  My husband, Butch, had resection in April'11.  Scans showed very small tumors by June.  We opted for a multisite trial that had a leg in our hometown of Chattanooga, TN.  My husband had 4 doses X 10mg. of yervoy and( gm-csf self injected shots) on days 1-14 of each cycle.  He was able to have 1 maintanence dose of 10mg of yervoy and gm-csf shots after regular cycle.  He had very little side effects--a little fatique on the first couple of days after infusion of yervoy and whelps and an itchy rash after gm-csf.  He was scanned again in Dec. '11.  This scan showed a few new mets in liver and growth of the largest tumor from 5mm to 11mm in 6 months.  Much slower growth than before.  We then movedback to Dr. Kim & on to y-90 in Jan.'12 for rt. lobe and mar.'12 for left.  We were scanned again April 23 about a month after left lobe. Liver mets were still in turmoil as we had read, heard, and researched.  3 small mets showed up on spine behind liver.  We are anxious to know what to do for that.  Chattanooga says chemo(which we're opposed to because it's usually so lethal and not very effective), trial, or nothing but wait and see. (really don't want to do any of these.)  Put the question to ocumel and responses were zometa?, external beam radiation, cyberknife, or wait and see.  Has anyone had cyberknife or zometa?  Is there anything more out there to target spine?  Have been in contact with Dr. Jeffrey Weber @ Moffitt about pd-1, but not since spine mets appeared.  Any ideas about how to treat spine mets?  My husband is 66yrs. old and very healthy and active even through all the treatments.  He feels great and you wouldn't know he had these issues.  Would like to find something to treat spine mets b/4  they get big and do cause pain.  Please respond.  Will be @ Philly conference in June, God willing and the creek doesn't rise.  Thanks for your imput, Margaret Rogers