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5/8/2016 4:34pm
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I was diagnosed with a medium choidal melanoma in 2001 and had plaque radiation at the beginning of 2002.  From that point forward, the tumor shrunk slowly (which the doctor said was good) and had remained shrunk all these years.  I had appointments for check ups every 6 months.  My liver functions tests were good.  I had a chest xpray and ultrssound of the liver 2 weeks ago.  The chest x-ray was fine.  The liver ultrssound showed something vague and ill-defined on the left lobe of the liver.  So, I had an MRi where they did two different kinds of contrasts (first one was blurry).  That showed some very small spots on the left lobe of the liver.  My doctor spoke with the radiologist before my appt with her, and she said he was unable to determine what they were.  So, now I am havinga pet scan.  I am scared and concened.  I was shocked at myeye cancer doctor's appointment toeven hear there was anything as I feel great and have no symptoms of anyting, other than a nervous sstomach which is something I alwasy get if upset.  Has anyone had anything similar?  HELP!