Sunday, December 2, 2012 TV program "CBS Sunday Morning", around 9 am ET with Dr J. William Harbour on Uveal Melanoma

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11/26/2012 2:04pm
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I was just informed by Dr J. William Harbour, ocular oncologist and researcher at Bascom Palmer in Miami (who did my biopsy), that there will be a special segment on his uveal melanoma cancer research airing this Sunday, December 2, 2012 on the TV program "CBS Sunday Morning", starting around 9 am Eastern time. Feel free to spread the word elsewhere. This will be similar to the earlier NY Times piece on the subject, but much more in depth and personal.


Peter L in Leiden, Netherlands



Think of us European OM patients who will not be able to watch this, not even online repeats, as these get blocked by teh broadcasters for European viewers.

I am bumping this topic back up as a friendly reminder about the program.  Also, CURE OM will be hosting a Q & A session with Dr. Harbour.  More details to follow soon!

The battle was lost, but the war must go on until a cure is found.

a doctor on that show this morning said that there was nothing to be done about ocular melanoma.  he is wrong!  i elected to have them remove my right eye.  of course, i caught it at stage one.  it was totally encapsulated.  i was 23 and very lucky.  i don't know how old you are, or the details of your case, but don't give up.


losing an eye is nothing.  believe me.

I watched it and was not terribly impressed.  The whole topic was just about genetic testing, with Harbour's test cited as one of the most accurate.  Nothing new to see here.  I wouldn't expect a flood of public interest in OM.



Keep Rowing!

tom - yes, i totally agree.  what got my attention was the comment about eye cancer.  that's all.  thanks for your note.