Talking to Kids About Cancer

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6/17/2012 7:07pm
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What a great conference in Philly.  Now I'm all revved up!  Anyway...

For those of us who chatted afterward, and for anyone else who'd like the info, here some links I mentioned regarding talking to kids about cancer:

YouTube BBC animated series on the body -- Search for "Once upon a time in the body" or go to the member page of the one user who seems to have uploaded nearly the whole series --

 It is, as they say, absolutely brilliant.  Also free. -- Search on "cancer" and you'll get two or three good animated vids for kids.  You may have to sign up for the free trial to access it.  I’d post the vids, but they are embedded Flash.

I thought there might be one link for Gilda’s Club, but each chapter seems to have its own site, so you’ll have to Google based on your location.  The Wellness Community, which at least in NJ has merged with Gilda’s, does have a single national site, from which you can find local chapters:

We go to the parent / kids group Wellness runs in NJ, and it’s super.

The other resource to ask for at your local cancer center or hospital is a Child Life Specialist.   If she’s a Certified Play Therapist, all the better.  If not, try anyway.  If your hospital doesn't have one, look elsewhere.

Seriously, do it.

Monday would be good.

I'm still poking around for more.  Will post under this topic as acquired.


Keep Rowing!

RobC - (6/18/2012 - 9:58am)

Thanks a lot Tom for the links - great chatting to you at the MRF Cure OM conference and will definitely follow up your pointers and ideas.

I think everyone feels energised by getting together and by the fantastic community we are becoming!



The topic of telling your kids about your diagnosis was a big topic of conversation at the CURE OM conference. I just received this e-mail:

The June 2012 LIVESTRONG Community Education Class will address the topic of parenting with a cancer diagnosis. Join us on June 28th from 6:30-8pm CST.

Dr. Vaughn Mankey will describe a framework for considering the unique parenting needs of each child during a parent's illness. He will also discuss key principles that parents can use to encourage coping and resilience in children. Class participants will also be able determine when children may need additional support and professional services.

Classes are open to anyone affected by cancer (survivors, caregivers, family members, etc.) and are available to participate in person or online!

RSVP today