treating ocular melanoma with yervoy and opdiivo

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6/30/2016 5:27pm
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I am wondering if htere is anyone on this site that has had the immunotherapy comibnation of yervoy and opdivo for ocular melanoma.  I have read posts of skin melanoma with mets who had the treatment, but I am wondering about the eye since I willbe starting that immunotherapy combo soon.

Hello.  My husband received his second dose of yervoy/opdivo two weeks ago.  I do not know what your experience has been, but his has been quite unpleasant. Even with the extensive mets to his liver, he had been relatively "healthy" and active.  The treatment put him down for the past 10 days and hospitalized for fluid replacement twice.  He is unsure if he going to complete the treatment cycle at this point as it has been so brutal.  I know that everyone is different and I hope that you have been able to tolerate the treatment well and are finding it successful.  Best wishes to you. 

Even my husband has melanoma on his back but he did not face any of it yet.