what next for ocular mets to liver and bone?

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5/11/2012 2:25pm
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Dear  Friends,


My husband has had ipi and gm-csf in trial.  Showed progression although small in some mm sized tumors.  We went to y-90 next.  2 1/2 months after rt. and a month after left lobe treated, tumors were significantly bigger.  Also some bone mets appeared. Talking about Temoolomide or azd6244 trial @ vanderbilt or pd-1 drug @ moffitt.  Anyone out there that has done these?  Thanks, margaret


Have you investigated the HDAC inhibitors? It is a generation of drugs that already exists and is approved for other diseases and recently a lot of scientists (especially Dr J William Harbour in vitro and with mice)  have established that HDAC inhibitors slow and/or stop further systemic OM metastasis.

A first trial of a HDAC inhibitor (Vorinostat) was just started in Philadelphia. I believe that, regardless of that trial, other oncologists may also prescribe an HDAC inhibitor in case of advanced OM mets (I know at least of one, Dr Takami Sato, who does and he may even indirectly involved in teh trial).

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More trials of other HDAC inhibitors are due to start shortly. I know that Dr William Harbour in St Louis has funding to start one with Valproic Acid, another HDAC (he believs more in that one and has used it in his previous tests). So you may want to call him too to ask the status.


Peter L in NH