what next for ocular mets to liver and bone?

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5/11/2012 2:36pm
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My husband has had om mets to liver since dec., 2010.  He's had resection, ablation, yervoy and gm-csf trial, y-90.  Last scan after y-90 showed bone mets and increased size of liver mets and new liver mets.  How long does yervoy have effect on tumors?  How long does it take for y-90 to show results? is 2 1/2 months too soon?  Worried what to do next.. Husband still feels good. We have appt. at vanderbilt next week to discuss temozolomide vs. AZD-6244 and @ the end of month @ moffitt to talk about anti-pd-1.  Anyone with experience in these drugs that could give us some pointers would be appreciated.  Really feeling a little lost at present.  Margaret