Yervoy Re-induction & Cyberknife

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Nan in Nebraska
4/5/2012 9:51pm
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Hello All,

Well, I had my first re-induction infusion of Yervoy yesterday. I will have 4 cyberknife treatments to the lesion between my stomach and spleen. My oncologist did speak with a colleague of Dr. Wolchok's and his recommendation was to do cyberknife between the first and second infusion. So praying and keeping my fingers crossed for the "abscopal effect".

I'm looking forward to the symposium in June. If everything goes as scheduled, my last infusion will be June 6th. :)


Dear Nan,

Thanks for sharing your experience.  I hope the Yervoy and Cyberknife combination provide a good response for you.

Let us know how things go for you.

Look forward to seeing you in June.


Sara - CURE OM