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Last reply 3/19/2013 - 3:33pm

Hi Friends,

Onward with the story, my story, our story.  I made an appointment with Dr. Falchook at MD Anderson for a consultation since I was in Houston anyway for the meeting.  He had labs done before I saw him.  He walked into the room and started by saying "We're not going to talk about cancer, we're going to talk about hospitalizing you--right now!"  My calcium level was critically high.  It took them nine days in the hospital to lower it enough for me to go home.

The same thing (hypercalcemia) happened to me a year ago about 2 months after my last ipi infusion.  Turns out that now is about 2 months after my last reinduction of ipi.  So, with this little evidence, we are concluding that ipi causes hypercalcemia in me.

Hypercalcemia causes lots of symptoms, among them mental confusion.  So, when I attended the conference I knew my mind was muddled, but attributed it to effects of aging.  Looking back on it, I am embarrassed by how truly confused I was.  I apologize to any of you out there whom I may not have recognized right off, or with whom I may have had ditzy conversations.  I'm getting back to what passes for "normal" for me in the brain department.

To remind you, the last treatment I had was a reinduction of ipi, last infusion mid-January.  Two weeks after that scans showed progression, no shrinkage.  I'm in the process of looking for what to do now.  I feel OK, and am grateful for that.

To those of you I met at the Houston conference, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends, and making new ones, even though I was in a mind-muddle.

My thoughts are with all of you, along with my best wishes (sounds so trite, but true) in your, our, struggle.


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Last reply 3/18/2013 - 7:46am

This is an older stufy, but somewhow I cam across a new link to it, so here it is.  Interesting use of bee venom, nano-particles and, yes, melanoma (cutaneous, natch, but that's typical).  Pretty neat, in a sort of Hitchcock-as-oncologist kinda way:





Keep Rowing!

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Last reply 3/1/2013 - 9:45am
Replies by: ThatHomeschoolDad

Has anyone heard of Ly2875358 for metastic uveal melanoma?   It is a Lily drug affecting the c-mets.  It specifically mentions uveal in one arm..Margaret

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Last reply 2/27/2013 - 7:50pm

Has anyone heard of Ly2875358 for metastic uveal melanoma?   It is a Lily drug affecting the c-mets.  It specifically mentions uveal in one arm..Margaret

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We're at md anderson and I think they're going to try to treat my husband's metastic ocular melanoma with revlimid and sorafenib.  Has anyone heard of these or have taken them for metastic om?  Please help.  Margaret

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Last reply 1/30/2013 - 1:47am

I am about to start with my first treatment of Yervoy ("Ipi")next week at Kimmel Cancer Hospital (Philadelphia) under the guidance of Dr. Sato. I have had one immunoablation (early Sept) to the liver and will have a second one next week as well. Diagnosis is several small lesions (0-5cm) discovered. Last May initial Cancer (Uveal) Melanoma to the eye and had no choice but enucleation - and chromosomal/genetic tests suggested high % of metastization. So, it's been caught relatively early with constant MRI's, bloodwork and other tests. So - just wanted to know other people are reacting to the Yervoy tratments,, any commonalities. As you all can see, by viewing the yervoy website is nothing short of a death sentence... Thank You! Tom 

"Be casual and do random things!"

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Hello everyone!  I hope this message finds all of you feeling well.  I wanted to post to remind everyone of CURE OM's patient meeting, Eyes On A Cure, that is taking place on March 2nd & 3rd at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.  Attatched you will find the draft agenda for the meeting.  This is a free event to everyone, however registration is required.There is a block of rooms reserved at the Houston Marriott at the Texas Medical Center until February 7.  If you register before February 7, you will received the discounted rate.   

This meeting is not only a time to learn about what is going on in the world of OM, but to also network with other patients and caregivers that are going through a similar situation as you are. Tell your friends, tell your family, bring your loved ones. 

Here is the link to to the event page on the CURE OM website where more information, including the draft agenda, can be found at this link:

The agenda can be found at this link: CURE OM Patient MTG Agenda.pdf

Don't forget to visit the CURE OM Facebook page at:

Follow us on Twitter: @MRFCureOM

As always, if you have any questions, please send an email to

Looking forward to seeing you in Houston! 

The battle was lost, but the war must go on until a cure is found.

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Last reply 1/21/2013 - 11:36pm

I posted this in the MPIP page and it was suggested that I also post here.



In 2006 I was diagnosed with ocular malanoma in my left eye. Soon there after I had plaque surgery at Jules Stein Eye Institute. I did lose most vision in that eye but was glad to be alive. One year ago in Dec, my yearly CT scan showed 5 small (1.2cm) spots on my abdomine. Six months later in June they showed no growth. This past Dec the CT scan intecated that at least one of the spots had grown (1.7cm) A biopsy was ordered and showed that it was melanoma. 

I have recetly gone to USC Norris Cancer Center and my Doctor there (Dr Wong) has recomended that I start  Yervoy infussion as treatment against the melanoma. I have read so many horrific side effects that I am now seeking others that may have gone through this tratment.

My question is simple...what are your feelings about this treatmeant, and what others might you recomend?

Not sure if my condition makes any difference, but here it is anyway.
I am a 59 year old male in good to great health (other than the melanoma) I am 5'9' and weigh 160. I am on a mostly glutten free diet, very little meat
I exercise 4 to 5 times a week....weight lifting and cycling. Never smoked. I havent even been sick in the last 15 years (the flu was the last illness) 

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Seeing as my aunt was just dx today with Stage IV cutaneous, I have Stage IV ocular, and her father (my grandfather) had prostate and parkinsons when he died, this kinda fits together:

Granted, there's that whole corrleation-does-not-imply-causality thing, but interesting nonetheless.


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Last reply 1/4/2013 - 11:34pm

Elaine Welch, Lancaster County, PA. 67 years old.
I had a mole on my left fore arm removed in 1976, tissue was lost, not tested. Within a year a bunch of freckles appeared where the mole was removed. When you're covered with freckles a few more didn't matter.
Over the next 7 years the area turned all colors. In 1984 I had a wide resection about the size of an orange off my forearm with plastic surgery. It was a Clarke Level 4. I had no nodes removed, no treatment, followed up for 3 years, no further issues.
In 2006 after years of heavy cycles I had endometrial cancer (uterus lining) and a hysterectomy. Nodes clear, no further treatments, no further issues.
This November 12, went to optometrist, needed new glasses. She found a tumor in my left eye. She wanted to wait 3 months and recheck. I went to my family doctor and he could easily see the tumor with a naked eye.
So now I will start this new journey on January 2 with an appointment at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.
So now you know what I know!
BTW, my father had his eye removed due to melanoma in 1970 at the age of 63. No further treatment. He died 12 years later from liver mets.
My big goal now is seeing my 50th wedding anniversary July 5, 2013.

Que Sera Sera

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Replies by: margaretrogers57, lak

Just had blood work and 5th infusion of anti-pd-1.  This time the bilirubin had gone up to 1.3 previously .6  and alkaline phospate had gone up from 195 to 225.  Has anyone had this happen and does it mean the drugs aren't working.  HELP  Margaret

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Just had blood work and 5th infusion of anti-pd-1.  This time the bilirubin had gone up to 1.3 previously .6  and alkaline phospate had gone up from 195 to 225.  Has anyone had this happen and does it mean the drugs aren't working.  HELP  Margaret

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Hi there to everyone that may read this.

I am Renae and live in the South Island of New Zealand. I am married to Michael and we have 3 children ranging from 16 to 3.

A month ago Michael was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. Stage 3.

2 weeks ago he had a level 3 auxillary node dissection. yuck.

When we were given his diagnosis when his histology and ct results were back (the day of my 33rd birthday) we were told quite clearly that there is nothing that can be done for us here in NZ. There are no trials running and the Doc also stated very clearly that radiation and chemo were of no help to us.

The primary has not been found,

The Doc removed 18 nodes and thought as she was doing it that they were all riddled as they were black.

However apparently they are all clear bar the one that we definately knew of, the tumour in it measured 5.5cm. Huge apparently. Looks revolting also!

The specialist found out that we were working out what day to head to Mexico or anywhere really to find some sort of treatment as there was nothing here to cling to and at our next appt (last wednesday) she said that because of the size of the thing we were allowed to try radiation. We have health insurance so atleast there will be no extreme wait or congestion in the process.

I am however having a real issue with this, why do we put ourselves through this when the chance of it doing any good are so small? There is noway (that I am aware of) of the docs being able to tell us if the radiation has achieved anything or not.

Is it worth it while the primary is there somewhere lurking??

I am really wanting to find out from anybody and everybody about any treatments. Conventional or otherwise. We will go anywhere and spend anything to fix Michael.

He is the love of my life and the best father to our children, I am not going to take this lying down. I will get Michael through this and win this fight.

I am aware that alternative is a bit airy fairy but maybe there is something in it?

We have no trials here in NZ available to us, apparently we could try one however when he is in the last months of his life category. Cheers that is verey beneficial NZ.

I hope that everyone has a very merry xmas and a fantastic new years!

We will be up our gully, sitting on our deck having a bbq and drinking a few speights beers. Doing all the things we shouldn't be really, very soon there will be no fun until Michael is all better!

Merry Xmas

Renae x

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Last reply 12/27/2012 - 2:51am

Hello everybody!  Thank you so much for participating in the recent CURE OM Q & A session with Dr. J. William Harbour from Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and CURE OM Scientific Steering Committee Co-Chair.  I apologize in the delay in getting the answers out to everybody.  The link below will take you to the questions and answers.  Thank you again for participating and for your patience!

Don't forget to "Like" the CURE OM Facebook page!  The link is provided below.



The battle was lost, but the war must go on until a cure is found.

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I keep a line int he water over at Ocumel, and thought this was worthy of a repost.  A quick scan of PubMed shows conflicting results regarding early p53 studies, but the the reports are also years apart, which may point to an evolving understanding.  Interesting, anyway.





Keep Rowing!

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