Annette Pisterzi

October 9, 1946 to December 20, 2007

My mother was a strong person from the very time she stepped foot on American soil in the year of 1952. She immigrated to America from Italy with her family in hopes of making a better life.
Mom lived a very fullfilling and happy life. This began when she met my father during her high school senior trip back to Italy. Later that summer they got married, came back to America, and created the life they had always dreamed of. It is very hard to sum up mom's life in a nutshell, but all I can say is that she lived each day to her fullest and always prayed and believed that God would heal her in some way.
When mom was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma she was of course very scared, but determined to fight the beast. She first tried a full year of the Gerson Therapy, which our family feels slowed down the progression of the cancer. However, the cancer spread to her spine and she had to do several rounds of radiation.
Mom's legacy of her faith will live on forever through her family and her friends.