Connie J Hammer

January 25, 1945 to March 3, 2014

Connie fought the "Good Fight", the Cancer Fight. In doing so, she inspired all those who knew her and are with her. Unfortunately, the melanoma won the battle of her body on March 3, 2014.

In August of 2012, she was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic melanoma. The melanoma spread throughout the lung and lymph nodes. Connie began a regimen of chemotherapy from a clinical trial. The clinical trial worked for approximately 9 months. At that time, the cancer outsmarted the chemotherapy and the current spots grew and new spots were identified on the brain. The doctors decided it was a good time to attempt an immunotherapy drug, which has done wonders on many melanoma patients. However, after only 2 doses of the drug, it was determined that her body could not handle it. So, we began radiation treatment after Christmas of 2013 to keep the spots from becoming larger. The radiation was being completed on one of the spots on the lung and a lymph node near the neck. We also went in for the gamma knife in January to radiate the one spot on the brain. When the radiologist went to radiate that spot, they found 4 more. They were able to treat 3 to 5, so had to schedule another appointment two weeks later where they found an additional 4.

With all that happened, she still continued the following:

Positive Attitude: Connie never complained and was always looking for the positive.

Endurance: Connie did whatever she was asked in her attempts to stop the growth. She continued to take medications daily that violate her taste buds but supplied some missing nutrients.

Bravery: She took on all new treatments and their side effects with courage and grace.

Selflessness: Never was this whole experience only about her. She always worried about the inconvenience to others as well as their best interests.

Faith: Connie reminded us all that Jesus walks this journey with her each and every single day. He was her strength and hope.


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