Daddy's Little Girl

March 5, 1954 to March 12, 1998

BOB PAYE or as I know best friend, Katie Paye's, dad.  Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to meet this man, but from what I have learned of him from the Paye family is that he was an amazing father, husband and person.  An all- around American guy whose life was cut short, too short from a battle with this cancer.  I know that he is looking over his family - Audrey, Katie, and Steven - from the heavens above us knowing that they have all made good lives for themselves and all hold pride in being a PAYE.  I'm more than grateful to have this family in my life and more than willing to do anything for them.  Your spirit lives on forever, Mr. Paye, and thank you for giving me the best friend KATIE PAYE that I could not live without. 


Katie Jackson (a major PAYE fan )