Daina Kapochus

April 10, 1970 to October 26, 2002

This is Daina Kapochus, she was 32 when she lost her battle with melanoma. In 1990, when she was 20 years old, a mole she had since birth started to grow and itch. Many doctors, including her dermatologist, had told our family since she was little, that this mole was fine, nothing to worry about. Then came 1990 and the WLE--malignant melanoma. All margins clear, 4.5 mm depth. She was free of the beast until April 24th, 2001 when we found it in her liver. 85% of her liver was occupied by tumors at this time. We went to NCI for a trial and they turned her down, 31 years old and I guess she wasn't considered a good success rate. We proceeded to receive treatment at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia PA. Wonderful oncologist--Daina fought bravely and with great courage for 18 months after diagnosis. She was beautiful, intelligent-she was a registered Pharmacist in New Jersey, and we feel undescribable sorrow at having lost her. The cancer may have taken her body--but will never take her spirit, which lives in all of us that remain, and it can never take away our many precious memories as they are forever locked within our hearts.