David Christopher Trepagnier Wolf, Our Angel

June 26, 1984 to September 3, 2008

My son, David Wolf, passed away on October 7th, at 7:09am. David has been in and out of hospitals and hospice for over month. He spent the last 2 weeks at home, where he wanted to be. On Friday he had an infection and was brought back to Odyssey House to have it treated. His body has battled this cancer for two and a half years. On Saturday, as I lay next to him, I told him it was OK to stop fighting. That Grandma was waiting for him and he need not be afraid. Two hours later David passed away as I was holding him. Please don't be sad. He would not like that. David does not hurt anymore. He has touched so many lives I was amazed. Just on one day he had 26 people visit him! I had no idea he knew so many people.