Elizabeth (Bet) Fleming

May 18, 1976 to December 9, 2010

Elizabeth, aka Bet, lost her battle to melanoma that spread to her lung then brain. She was only 34 years old. Her husband discovered the mole on her right shoulder blade in 2005...stage 3. She had it removed and it spread to her lymph nodes, had those removed and went on Interferon. She was clear for about 18 months, but it returned. Bet fought hard to fight this awful disease, going on multiple clinical trials. We miss our beloved Bet so very much and I would like to honor her by advocating awareness for young people, especially of taking care of their skin. This form of cancer is very preventative. Bet saved my life as I went to get my skin checked and I had the early stage of melanoma on the back of my leg. I also want to note that Bet was not fair skinned, she didn't have freckles or a lot of moles, she would be the last person I would have thought they would have had melanoma. Love you Bet. Aunt Lori